Recent Funding

$130,000 of FF&E for a 30 year old marketing firm in Chicago. App only, corp only (vendor – corporate concepts)
$1.5MM operating lease, oil trucks for energy company in Nevada
$360,000 for a Perkin Elmer Microscope, for an early stage Pharma company
$2.5MM for a manufacturing equipment for a high tech glass company
$3MM for tech equipment for a large interntational consulting company
$12MM for FF&E operating lease for a large educational company
$80,000 for three crown victoria sedans, app only corp only, for a 7 year old prison transport company in CA,
$180k capital lease, FF&E for a 35 year old Oil & Gas company, corp only
$270,000 capital lease, construction equipment in Texas
$190,000 operating lease for construction equipment in Tennessee
$130k capital lease of medical equipment for a startup physician in Chicago
$75,000 capital lease for a fusion machine for a 6 year old utility company in FL, app only
$700k capital lease of FF&E for a 8 year old aviation company in Indiana
$84,000 EFA for a crane and truck for a  17 year old sign company in Kansas, app only
$100k capital lease for a Xerox Press 770 & EFI Firey Controller for a 3 year old printing company in Harrisburg, PA, application only
$250k operating lease for FF&E for a well known consulting firm in MD
$168,000 capital lease for FF&E for a hotel in California, app only
$2MM operating lease for lab equipment for publicly traded comany